Wednesday, December 7, 2011


But actually.

On XDA Forums and Rootzwiki we have a joint collaboration project: Ice Cream Sandwich for DROID Incredible 2.

We have a 90% functional system. The Rootzwiki buildteam, headed by Protekk and Aeroevan, are doing the majority of the heavy lifting; the team I am a part of, NTSH-ICS, are working on submitting fixes back upstream, and adding functional tweaks that can be utilized later.

Essentially these ROMs are CM9 previews, so our work now makes the CM9 development work a little easier; development on these may or may not continue after the official release of CM9.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reaching out!

I am looking for some help in a number of Android projects including:

~Theming CM7
~Build.Prop tweaking
~ROM creation

If you or someone you know knows what the hell you're doing with any of these, please drop me a line.

Thank you greatly!


Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet; I was rather busy for the past month (and if you follow me on twitter, you would certainly know it....)


If you use a VZE Droid Incredible 2 as I do, I have a present for you:

ICS CM9 Betas!

Now they are pretty Beta-ish, however certainly stable enough for daily use/showing off/nerd cred.

Over on XDA, in the Verizon Droid Incredbile Thread, look for the "Nothing To See Here- ICS" ROM

I hope you enjoy our work!